Exclusive Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 2 Pick (FEB 22) - (DEONTAY WILDER vs TYSON FURY)

Exclusive Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 2 Pick (FEB 22) - (DEONTAY WILDER vs TYSON FURY)
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Written by Lester "6 Clips" Cullan on February 17, 2020
Vegas sports gambling analyst heard on ESPN Radio, Fox, CBS, Sirius, and Contributor for Red Alert Wager SS LLC - The Sports Report on Reddit and Facebook

When: Saturday, February 22
Where:  MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas

Tyson Fury -100
Deontay Wilder -120
Round Total: 
Under 10.5 (+120) - Over 10.5 (-140)

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 2 - A NEW AGED RIVALRY HAS BEEN BORN - The Gypsy King vs The Bronze Bomber!

Wilder vs Fury 2 Predictions from RedAlertWagers.com Contributor - Lester "6 Clips" Cullan
A NEW AGED RIVALRY HAS BEEN BORN - Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2
The Date is set for Fury vs Wilder 2 - Saturday, Feb. 22 - A clash/rematch between 2 of boxing's heavyweight super stars - The Gypsy King vs The Bronze Bomber!

One is a classic boxer and the other is a avant garde killer - Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are the stars of the heavyweight division. Their much-anticipated rematch takes place Saturday, Feb. 22 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

What are the odds on the Wilder Fury fight? Well they are pretty much even, the money is coming in on both ends making the odds -100 to -120, nothing crazy because this is anyone's fight!

The sequel to a controversial draw in November 2018, Wilder dropped the Gypsy 2 times in the first meeting, 1 more than what's usually need by the Bronze Bombing monster, but Fury used his experience and gypsy magic to get the majority of the other rounds. Tyson Fury rose from the dead in round 12 + some say he may even had slipped the ref some gypsy dust to get a extra long count, needless to stay the fight was a draw and stunning the world while making the bookies major profits!

Fury is a true heavyweight in every sense of the word.

Tyson Fury is 6'9 and boxes in an orthodox stance, weaving and jabbing like a champ, Wilder on the other hand is a different type of heavyweight. Wilder at 6'7, punches to kill, you can almost call him a bigger stronger Julian Jackson, he has the power of a George Foreman in his gloves almost like he has George Foreman in his gloves, literally! The guy is not the typical boxer, not the Mexican Style Charger, or the Chess Player, Deontay Wilder has leverage and power that is freakishly in tune with each other!

These guys are more likely coming in heavy rather for this one, they have voids to fill and packing on mass is one of them. Wilder may be doing himself a injustice if he starts messing with his daily diet of Crowns Fried Chicken & Craw fish, and Tyson has been known to be a slob in the past, I do not see them trimming any weight anytime soon - They call him The Mancunian Fury at the Vegas Buffets!
Fury - “I haven’t really put weight on on purpose. I’ve just been eating plenty of food. It’s natural weight." "I'm going to go out there, give him a boxing lesson and I'm going to knock him out,"

The Bronze Bomber

Wilder’s trainer Jay Deas revealed he wants the Bronze Bomber to stay away from the fried shrimp and seafood platters from Alabama Jay's Fried Fish but Wilder hasn't made any promises, he is too busy telling people that he could take out Iron Mike Tyson in 86, delusional but probably correct!

Wilder - "Me vs Tyson in '86, I'd kick the hell outta that guy," - "Listen, I've got to keep it real. I know people always go back to the old school or look at the new school and there's no school where I'm not No 1 on Earth."
How Tyson Fury Can Win -

Tyson Fury has brought in Sugar Hill as his trainer to supposedly work on his punching power and strength. Sugar Hill has trained an incredible 41 world champions and has worked with boxing legends like Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield and Wladimir Klitschko. The bottom line he is a legend who could just be collecting a check from the Gypsy King Millionaire, or he could be showing him the path to victory. Who knows what kind of Gypsy Dance is going on over at Sugar Hill - Tyson Fury is the 2020 Mike Tyson but white and British!

For the Gypsy King, 20 out of his 29 wins have come by the way of knockout, his best chance of winning this fight is to outlast Wilder’s power punches and and win a undeniable decision by out boxing the WBC champ especially seeing as Robert Tapper, for whatever reason, has not been ringside since he scored the fight 114-112 for Fury.

Robert Tapper is designated “inactive” in official records - Shady Shenanigans in boxing is as common as mashed potatoes with gravy?

Lester "6 Clips" Cullen's official Prediction is - Tyson Fury -100 Under 10.5 Rounds @ +120

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